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Shio-tan's Mix Commissions

Hi! I’m Shio-tan, a vocalist, mixer youtaite and vtuber. 

I offer harmony guide, vocal tuning, timing, mixing and mastering commissions for vocal covers.

Commission Status: soft open (dm for inquiry)

For inquiry, please contact my twitter first.

Slots and Progress:

You can track my commission queue through my Trello board.

Please be sure to read my T.O.S. prior to contacting me about commissions, thank you!


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  • Instagram
  • SoundCloud

Shio-tan#4656  @shiokaraidesu_

Art by: mu66112902

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I've been a part of the youtaite community since 2017 as both a vocalist and mixer.

I've participated in numerous collabs and chorus battles, with the opportunity to mix in many.

My strength is tune/time, harmony creation and layer work.

At the moment I cannot/am limited in my ability to do glitching.

Some teams I've worked in:

Cantis (HPCB), 偶然の死 (ACB), L.I.C.E (SCB), PROJECT: NIGHTM∀RE

My equipment:

Software: REAPER, Melodyne

Headphones: ATH-M50x, some pair of JBL earbuds lol

About Me

Art by: Sara_hana99

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